Travel Decisions: What Questions Do You Need To Know Before Deciding Where To Go?

Sunset in South Haven on Lake Michigan in July

Deciding where to go on a vacation then where to stay can be a difficult decision

Here’s a list of questions to ask before traveling:

  • What is there to do? Then there’s smokey mountains entrance near welcome center elk by side of roadsub-questions like things to do with family with teenagers, etc.
  • What are the best places to eat?
  • What landmarks do we have to see?
  • Where can we stay while on vacation?
  • How expensive is the destination?
  • Where can I find the best discounts for hotels and things to do while in the destination?
  • How easy is it to get to the destination?
  • Is the destination family friendly?Top of Stone Mountain View with lift
  • How can we avoid large crowds?
  • What are current or upcoming events?
  • Where are the best places to shop?
  • What is unique to the destination?
  • Proximity to other interesting places nearby (we generally have a ‘staging’ area and travel short distances to other locations to experience the region)
  • What to wear? (both from a comfort standpoint and also for a particular venue, e.g. sport coat or collared shirt)
  • Weather (temperature averages for targeted time of year)
  • Subheading for best discounts: time(s) of year with low visitor count (define peak season/off season)
  • What website(s) should I use as a resource? TripAdvisor Screenshot of Sevierville Hotels Listings by Best ValueExpedia, TripAdvisor, Budget Travel, Shermans Travel, Priceline, random travel blogs… the list goes on and on

Let us know questions to ask before traveling that you have that we may not have mentioned here. Do you have any favorite places you go and forego these questions now?

Travel is one of life’s must dos so get out there and see the world one destination at a time.