Salted ChocoChia Pudding for Ketogenic Diet


Looking for a delicious, chocolate sugar free treat to stay in ketosis? This Salted ChocoChia Pudding recipe is great and chock full of fat for fueling your ketonic state. It is also egg free and gluten free for those with food allergies like my wife.

This treat can be made quickly and if you use the right high quality ingredients it has many health benefits for you.

This is a must do for you for a few reasons. Ketogenic diet has a ton of research showing the health benefits, just Google it. The effects are great for focusing and having sustained mental thoughts.


This recipe combines cocao powder, coconut milk, chia seeds and stevia so it is a rich but healthy dessert and truly could be a meal if you add a veggie that goes well with chocolate (pretty much anything for me). If you ever enter the ketogenic state you’ll think you took some sort of methamphetamine so again, this is a must do to enter the ketogenic zone at least once but it takes time and discipline to eat little to no carbs and a lot of fat for over 5 days (not high protein either).

Organic Fermented Cacao Powder 8oz package

All this being said, here’s how you make the Salted ChocoChia Pudding Recipe:



  • Mix the coconut milk and cocoa powder until it dissolves
  • Add chia seeds, vanilla, stevia, salt and mix well
  • Put in freezer for 10 minutes
  • Eat it up

We will share more allergy-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, anti-inflammatory and overall healthy recipes to incorporated into your diet. For my family, eating a healthy, whole food diet is one of life’s must dos!

Our family’s must do is living a mostly healthy, majority clean diet. We purchase from places like:

  • a local farm ( for eggs, meat and cheese
  • Wildly Organic for nuts and and coconut products
  • Nature’s Corner market for as many grocery and supplements as possible
  • Sprouts for the majority of groceries